Summer Plans. Part 2.

Well… As if I didn’t already have enough on my Summer list… I’ve decided there are some MORE other things I’d like to do while I have no school. So… Part 2. : )

1.) Dress up in red and tan… hit up Target… and rearrange some stuff. hahaha.

2.) Play some Monopoly.

3.) Go to a concert.

4.) Make my own sushi.

5.) Go on a bike ride.

6.) Go fishing.

7.) Shoot some guns.

8.) Have a Caprese salad.

9.) Ride a horse.

10.) Make a NY Cheesecake from scratch.

11.) Crochet a blanket.

12.) Sleep outside.

13.) Make some smores. Mmmm.

14.) Color a coloring book from start to finish.

15.) Get some new ink. Hehe.

Anyone wanna help me knock these offa the list?! : )



Lazy. Days. :)

So. This whole summer thing? It’s awesome. Lounging. Sleeping in. Doing what you want when you want. I mean, it hasn’t even been a week yet… so I’m not gonna feel too guilty. But this week?! I’ve done absolutely nothing. Ok. Strike that… I’ve:

– Watched lots and lots of episodes of Judge Judy. And what did I learn? Don’t lend money to anyone. Especially boyfriends or friends that are males… they’ll just end up saying “it was a gift”. Psh.

Watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Love me some Ross.

 – Cooked delish dinner every night for the fam. Chicken Corn Chowder. Chicken Burrito Pizza. And.. Chickpea Burgers. (All healthy – 300 calories..ish). Yumm.

– Read lots of magazines.

– Watched TV… hey! Don’t judge. It’s been a while since I could just sit and watch without having the angel on my left shoulder going “Kaylee… shouldn’t you be doing homework?”.

– Caught up almost completely on Grey’s Anatomy.

– Spent some gooooood time with my mommy.

– And our dog. Levi… chillin’ on the tempurpedic under the zebra snuggie. : )

– Realized I loooove blankets. and warmth.

– Watched all the reality shows… Audrina. Real Housewives. Survivor. American Idol. The Apprentice.

Go Boston Rob!

When really… I should’ve…

– Done Laundry.

– Unpacked.

– Laid out.

– Organized my belongings.

– Saved a 3rd world country. Well. Okay – maybe not.

I just haven’t found motivation to you know… do stuff. I think its an aftershock resulting from lots and lots of school this past semester. I’m tired!

But oh well. There’ll always be time to be productive. So for the first week of summer?!! I’m relaxin. That’s okay… right?!

: )

Summer Plans. :)

Well, it’s officially Summer for the Kay Kay! For those of you with 1 day left, you got this! Keep up the good work! Anyway, this Summer should be relatively chill, which is much needed. For once I don’t have to take Summer classes, I can just do what I want! Woo! So… my plans for the Summer are…. : )

  1. Get a gooood tan.
  2. Read. A lot.
  3. Go to a Drive-In.
  4. Drink some Root Beer in a bottle.
  5. Spend a day getting lost in Barnes & Noble.
  6. Have some delishhh Shirley Temples! : )
  7. Do a huge puzzle.
  8. Eat some popsicles.
  9. Go hiking.
  10. Go on a mini-road trip with the besties.
  11. Get another piercing.
  12. Eat. Lots and LOTS of fresh fruit veggies from Palumbo’s! Cucumbers. Tomatoes. Corn. Oranges. Strawberries. Mmmm.
  13. Paint some pottery.
  14. Have a birthday. : )
  15. Go to a Rockies Game.
  16. Watch movies.
  17. Get flip-flop tan lines.
  18. Avoid a sun-burn. ALL. Summer. Long. Possible? I hope!
  19. Watch The Bachelor, and the new season of Pretty Little Liars with my mama! : )
  20. Eat kebabs, steak, chicken all from the BBQ. Yum.
  21. See some friends and hang out!
  22. Enjoy the freedom! : )
So, what are your plans for Summer?! 🙂
P.S. If anyone wants to hang out, let me know!

What a difference 2 semesters makes!

In the last 2 semesters… let me tell you… it has been a roller coaster. You’ve probably already read about a portion of it in previous blogs… but seriously? So many ups and downs, I think I can honestly say it’s been one of my hardest years to date. In every aspect… emotionally, physically, spiritually, educationally, and every other thing that ends in “ally”. Haha. Not saying that’s a bad thing… I mean… they do say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and that “Everything happens for a reason, so why not embrace the changes and hardships?” Not the mention that the Bible is full of wise words regarding hardships… “… the LORD won’t put you through anything you can’t handle”, etc…

This time last year I was preparing to be a long-distance pen-pal for a Marine To-Be, I was preparing to be in my beautiful cousin Amber’s wedding, I was booking my tickets to Idaho to visit my roommate, I was… planning for the future. Falling head over heals (that’s never good), and I was pre-purchasing tickets for Twilight:Eclipse (haha). If you would’ve told me last year what things would be like currently, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. No way hosay. I was all rainbows and butterflies, in a blinded la-la land. But hey… there’s nothing wrong with that every once in a while… right?!

But… wanna know what I learned most about in the last 2 semesters?
A.) Nothing is as it seems.
B.) Follow your gut. It’s right. Everytime.
C.) Listen to your mom when she points out red flags with the male gender. You were right mom! ❤ “Motherssss know best!”
D.) Time stops for no man… or woman.
E.)  You HAVE to focus on the Lord. If you think you can get by without Him… you’re wrong.
F.) Give it a year. Peoples’ true colors always come out at a year.. then? If you can handle the colors they’ve dealt you… Proceed. 🙂
G.) Not all people are trustworthy and lovable, even if they are at first glance.
H.) You always gotta do what you feel is right… regardless of what others tell you. Your heart knows. Go with your heart. : )

In these last 2 semesters I…

  • Got a car. World… meet Jared. Jared? Meet the world. : )
  • Got my heart handed to me on a silver platter… twice.
  • Got my 2nd tattoo!
  • Met some of the most amazing ladies… meet Caroline, Emily, Lauren, Caitlin and Cami… to name a few! : )

  • One of which is my new roommate. Can you say cuh-yoot room? I think yes.
  • Lost 3 friends. Sad.
  • Met a bunch of new [and cool] people.
  • Got 2 parking tickets.
  • Got a newfound LOVE of animals. I mean. LOVE. All are precious. Well.. minus hyenas, eels, snakes and spiders.
  • Got to visit the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado – twice!
  • Was on 9News!
  • Studied… til we were crazy.
  • Ordered only ketchup at Burger King for fries from Del Taco. What?
  • Made a killer handout for my Maturity & Aging class.
  • Watched all of the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy… (and may or may not have cried in Season 5. Episode 18.. i think). Whew.
  • Saw Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”… a couple* times in theaters. heh.
  • Lived by myself.
  • Volunteered at the Nursing Home and met some remarkable men and women. Marge, Ruby, Peggy, Ruth, Senorita, Dorothy, Al, Dan, Merle, and Margaret, thanks for teaching me things I didn’t even know! Like how it’s okay to be outside of your comfort zone, and that a dog can be colored green and still be cute, and for teaching me how precious life is, as well as the memories we hold close. And that in the scheme of life… we’re just at the beginning. : )
  • Stayed up til 4 a.m. [pretty much] to watch William & Kate get married.
  • Drank lots and lots of coffee.
  • Discovered I have an immense love for all things Ireland. LOVE.  Anyone wanna go?
*Couple- may or may not mean more than 2 ; )
Anyway… though these last 2 semesters have sent me some wicked curve-balls… you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. OK.. I’d change a few things… but God has me right where He wants me. I’m confident. So… how can I complain?!! He only tests us to see how much we can handle? How can we expect to receive His blessings and gifts if we’re too preoccupied with other things to really appreciate them? Right? : )
Anyway… It’s 1:19 a.m. and I should probably get some shut eye for the rest of Finals Week.
Up next? Ideas for what to do during Summer


: )

Things I’ve learned while in college. Junior Edition. :)

Since I’ll only have 1 year of undergraduate collegeness left after this week, I thought I’d jot down the things I’ve learned while having the privilege of being at a public university for the last few years:

Part I:

1.) Eggs are not meant to be spongy. If they jiggle more than jello… they aren’t edible.

2.) I will not meet my husband at UNC… While it’s possible, it isn’t probable. Guys have one thing on their mind… and no… it isn’t academia. Baha.

3.) All nighters really can produce quality work. Professors are always like “If you do this assignment the night before… you will fail.” Well… I got a 94.. so there.

4.) If the food looks gross, smells gross… chances are will be gross. No exceptions to the rule.

5.) Missing a class every once in a while is okay… it keeps your “Rebel without a cause” meter full.

6.) Giving professors candy helps get on their good side. Snickers, anyone?

7.) When the cocky jock in class makes an effort to get to know you, and acts like he cares… he really just wants an in so he can text you for review sheets and lecture notes when he misses class because of games. Psh. *Sidenote: Not all athletes… just some. You all know who you are.

8.) I really don’t miss doing dishes. Putting the tray on the little spinny thing is so much easier.

9.) Do not take up more than one washer and dryer at the same time. People get all cray cray and out of hand. Out. of. HAND.

10.) The chocolate milk is always too strong, so you have to have a 2 to 1 ratio of chocolate milk to skim… then? It tastes gooood.

11.) The parking spot you get, be it good, or bad… can impact your whole day… and can also impact whether or not you go places. For example: “Do you want to go to King Soopers and get a RedBox?” Reply: “I do… but I have a really good parking spot so… can we watch a movie we already have?” Haha.

12.) There is such a thing as “Gourmet” ramen. Delish.

13.) 1 a.m. is the new 11 p.m.

14.) It is possible to get from West to Central campus in less than 10 minutes… my record is 8. Boom.

15.) Elevators provide some of the most interesting conversations. Ever.

16.) Though at first glance – waffles, ice cream and unlimited salad bar/cheeseburgers sounds so amazing. You get over it. Fast.

17.) You gotta wait til you’re a few weeks in to determine if your textbook will be necessary…Cause most of the time? The books get sent back/sold back unopened. Waste of mu-lah! $$$

18.) O.J. is meant to be drank from Tropicana… not the syrup kind. Ew.

19.) The generic version of Lucky Charms a.k.a. Marshmallow Mateys make for lots of jokes, and still tastes magically delicious. 😉

20.) It is possible to lock yourself out of your room 4 times in one day. Heh.

21.) Getting mail is like Christmas. Except when it’s a bill, or mail for someone who lived in the room before you. Then… it’s just disappointing.

22.) Somehow, everyone gets a mystery goo on their door’s peep-hole at some point during the year. Weird. Gross. But… true.

23.) Singing Celine Dion can be therapeutic. Try it.

24.) Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes is a good time killer and makes for good laughs when watched with others.

25.) Naps with your girlfriends result in some of the best ZzZzZzZz’s you’ll ever get.

26.) Scantrons are the teachers way of making you second guess your noggin. I mean… when you choose ‘C’ 3 times in a row… your mind makes you think you got one wrong… when really… 3 straight C’s IS the right answer.

27.) Quiet hours never really happen. Most of the fun happens after 8 p.m.

28.) School sporting events are FUN. Go Bears!

29.) There are so many weird people. No offense… but a hot air balloon tattoo on your calf? Pink bangs? Man putting on eyeliner? Girl named joshua? I mean you come into contact with TONS of people. Tons. Of. People.

30.) College can be fun. In all good ways. No pot. No alcohol. No horizontal salsa. Just straight up fun. : )

Things I Appreciate…

Well… I know I just blogged yesterday… but after going to a meeting with one of the Psychology directors for some final class shenanigans (and getting totally grilled for him to ultimately be like.. “Ah, Kaylee – it seems you don’t crack under pressure… Nice work. Here’s the form”. Gee pal, thanks.) Anyway… that led me to think of things that I DO appreciate and find happiness in. For example:

I appreciate:

A well cooked delicious non-dry piece of chicken (hint… dining hall).

A good hug.

When someone opens/holds a door longer than 2 seconds…

A good laugh.

When I find a piece of gum in my bag (it’s like a small lotto winning moment).

The smell of coffee.

A good hair day.

When I log onto FB, and have a lot of notifications… (what? you know you like it too…)

Movie theatre popcorn.

Finding any reason to go to Starbucks.

When I get an A 🙂

When class is cancelled…! (That was a good day.)

Twilight. Obvi.

When its raining outside, but I get to say in.

When I get back from class just in time for Ellen.

A mid-day nap.

Just to name a few… 🙂

Happy 420 Day! Gonna tie die some shirts tonight… andddd… paint a “pot”. silly world. 🙂



So. I guess if you’ve read some of my facebook posts… you know I’ve struggled with sleeping lately. 2 hours… no hours… 4 hours.. it varies. Today… we got a decent 5. I’ll take it. What I’d like to bring to attention though are the BONKERS informercials I stumbled upon last night.

Here’s some:

The “Genie Bra” – (formerly known as the Ahh Bra). Haha:

The infamous “Shakeweight”:

The “Slap Chop”:

Jack’s Power Juicer:

“Cami Secret”:


“Pajama Jeans”:

“Neckline Slimmer”:

“Super Wave Oven”:

“Shamwow” (with the new spokesperson… RIP Billy):

Anyway… these are just a few of the ones I came into contact with last night. “And if you order within 3 minutes, we’ll throw in an additional “Neckline Slimmer”, and a carrying case which you can keep just for calling”! Not that any of these don’t work… but cami secret?! I mean.. can’t you just wear an undershirt? Ah. Funny.

Hope ya’ll enjoy your day. =)