Grown-Up Graduated Girl.

Once again, it has been awhile, and those last 70-some days from my last post seem to have flown by faster than I thought they would. Oops. But, rest assured, I plan on writing on here a lot more now that I have no papers, homework or exams to study for. So, get excited.

As you’ll notice, I changed the name of the blog since I can no longer have “Confessions of a College Student”… unless I maybe go back for my Master’s degree. But that’s crazy talk at the moment. I also updated the blogs look. Let me know what you think! Now… it’s the Daily Musings of a College Graduate. Because well… I’m graduated! I still can’t believe it!

Moving on – I know my last blog post was a little out there as far as what I want to do in life… (marry Tim Tebow or Ryan Gosling,  write Greeting Cards, etc…), and I hope that someday some of those come true (fingers crossed). But this post is more about what I’ll miss most about college, and what’s to come.

I’ll miss the all-nighters. I’ll miss the excessive amounts of tea and coffee I drank during said all-nighters. I’ll miss the school supply shopping and the first day of class. I’ll miss my great professors, and being able to be a TA for the Research Methods class. I’ll miss my 3 cuh-yoot dorms, and my 2 college roommates. I’ll miss walking in the rain back from class (even though you get drenched). I’ll miss the BINGO nights, and the late-night Del Taco Runs. I’ll miss going to our happy place to release (Target). I’ll miss the 2 snow days we had, where we stayed in all day and watched movies. I’ll miss all the talks and laughs. I’ll miss the Friends marathons and jamming the Cher. I’ll miss playing Yahtzee and Clue and Canasta instead of studying. I’ll probably even miss the dining hall, much to all UNC’s dismay! But most of all, I’ll miss being a student! It’s all I’ve ever known for the last 14 years! All the homework, papers, chapters read, pens used, etc!

And now, it’s all over and I’m on to the next chapter of my life, which includes more praying time, more Bible study time, more blogging, more reading time, more pinning, more time to work, more time outside, more family time, more friend time, and more… ME time! All this new stuff I have to look forward to now that school is over. I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I’m a grown-up graduated girl, now!

In other news… Dad and I rescued a tail-less bird from our window well today. I was a bit peeved because he didn’t seem that grateful for us you know… saving his life. But I digress. {I wonder if this is how doctors or EMT’s feel?!} Haha. He is safe now… just hopping along because he can’t fly. Poor guy. But, as for our good deed of the day, I’d say we accomplished it.

Loves and hugs,


P.S. The first picture is of no relevance to this post. I just think that little piggy is so darn cute! Ah!


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