When I grow up I wanna…

Well. Say it isn’t so… I have not blogged since September! That feels like a lifetime ago. Seriously. Let’s see what’s happened since September… I got another tattoo (#2 of which matches my mama), for a total of 4! I… have been working a lot. Studying not as much, and sleeping a lot less. But I am absolutely fine with 2 of the 3 of those. 🙂

Anyway… As I am coming closer to the end of my college life (73 days to be exact)… at least of my undergrad life… I am finally being forced to decide 100% what I want to do when I “grow up”. Some people wanna be famous, they wanna be a star, they want to walk on the moon, win a Nobel Prize… Discover a medical cure. Well my friends… let me tell you what I want to do when I grow up. And uhm.. apparently after college comes marriage (who knew)… So I suppose that might be next on the ol’ journey.

Anyway, are you ready? Cause I am. : )

Here are some tentative life goals/career venture ideas I have for growing up, as of 2.22.2012. There are way too many 2’s in todays date, just an fyi.

1a.) Marry a doctor. Yeah. Grey’s Anatomy Style. Heck YES. There is no doubt that he’ll be able to find my pulse. : )

1b.) Marry Tim Tebow. He is my #1 draft pick… for myself. Baha.

1c.) Marry someone that looks like a., b., or c., or d., but loves the Lord like crazy. And loves his mom. And has a good job. Haha! He’s out there… and I’m coming for him… err… them. : )

a.) A motorcycle racer. You’re welcome dad.


b.) He is wearing argyle. Need I say more?!

c.) His love would make me crazy and stupid. Get it?

d.) Colin Egglesfield. Hellooo.

2.) Get my PhD.

3.) Make greeting cards.

4.) Write books. For a living.  On random musings that I hope people would enjoy.

5.) Move to Ireland. And whilst there… fall in love with an Irish man. With the accent. Love that.

6.) Be a person who gets to decide what the Hallmark envelope seal-flavor is. I saw it on some channel one night. It looks like a fun job, and someone’s gotta do it.

7.) Be a mom. Seriously… look at that face.

8.) Become a detective. I have an inner Nancy Drew. Ask anyone.

9.) Be in the Guinness Book of World Records for something awesome.

10.) Own this. Or an exact replica.

No but really… on a more serious note… I do plan on going back and furthering my education so I can do something awesome. But for now?! I just want to graduate. And that is all I can think about. Cap and Gown. I can see it now.

73 days. Seventy-three. If you’ve hit 74 you’ve gone too far. SEVENTY THREE!

Where has the time gone?!

Now it’s time to go play Wii with the roommate.

Loves and hugs.


P.S. Thanks Megan for making me make a blog. Felt good. : )


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