19 I’ve learned in 19.

Today is my birthday.

[pause for cheering] =)

July 27th… I’m not really sure if anything major went down this day in history… but I do know that it’s also known as ‘National Sleepy Head’ day (cause that’s attractive)!


Nineteen. Pronounced ‘nítján’ in Icelandic, ‘십구’ in Korean, and ‘devyniolika’ in Lithuanian. 19! 10 fingers, and 9 toes old. After 20, I’m going to have to start adding limbs into the mix to physically show how old I am. Haha! So today, since it is my day of birth, I thought I’d make a list of 19 truths I’ve learned thus far… =)

Life Lessons – Version 19.0:

1.) The little things mean EVERYTHING.
Sunrises. Sunsets. Holding doors open for people. Laughing so hard you cry… to name a few.

2.) There will always be haters, but it’s okay to be the source of protein in someone’s haterade.
Don’t let em’ getcha down.

3.) Naps are good.

4.) Watching Titanic before you go on a cruise is just plain stupid.
I did it. It was not smart. And I was worried about the lifeboat to person ratio the whole time. Lame beans.

5.) Being clumsy is a good conversation starter.
I’ve met some good friends whilst falling down stairs and tripping/falling over air. Good times. =)

6.) When you’re buying fresh produce, food, and anything else really… grab it from the back. Its more fresh.
Thanks, mom. =)

7.) Music makes anything better.
Studying. Cooking. Cleaning. Laughing. Crying. Walking. Exercising. Driving. Riding. Sleeping. Eating. Chilling. Working. Anything. Everything.

8.) Respect isn’t given, it’s earned.

9.) Floss.
For realsies. It’s pretty gratifying in a slightly disgusting way. 

10.) Sunscreen. Always.

11.) Cursing is for witches… not for classy girls or men who aren’t sailors. (And even then…)

12.) A smile goes a long way. So does “please” and “thank you”. 

13.) Purity rings are like lasers… fighting off the bad guys.
No really… you can always tell a guys intentions after that conversation. It’s like an automatic sleeze detector. Beep. Beep. Beep….. Beep. =)

14.) Go to church. Often. =)
It’s good for the soul, mind and spirit. Duh.

15.) Sometimes your eyes take the best snapshots.
Like your own personal Nikon. 

16.)  Time heals all wounds.

17.) Drinking alcohol makes you lean… against walls, floors, toilets, and other weird drunk people.
My pops has always said that the first thing that goes is your judgement…  and I’d like to keep my judgement intact, thank you.

18.)  God’s plan is always different (and eventually, I realize – better) than what I’ve planned for myself.
Thank goodness He hasn’t answered every prayer I’ve prayed. Phewwww. I’d be one hot mess if I got everything I naively asked for!

19.) Life is awesome.
Counting my blessings. I have more than I could ever count. ❤

There are a million more, but 19 lessons in one day is enough, right?!

So uh…19?!! Bring it on. =)

Here’s to the best year. yet.



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