Summer Plans. Part 2.

Well… As if I didn’t already have enough on my Summer list… I’ve decided there are some MORE other things I’d like to do while I have no school. So… Part 2. : )

1.) Dress up in red and tan… hit up Target… and rearrange some stuff. hahaha.

2.) Play some Monopoly.

3.) Go to a concert.

4.) Make my own sushi.

5.) Go on a bike ride.

6.) Go fishing.

7.) Shoot some guns.

8.) Have a Caprese salad.

9.) Ride a horse.

10.) Make a NY Cheesecake from scratch.

11.) Crochet a blanket.

12.) Sleep outside.

13.) Make some smores. Mmmm.

14.) Color a coloring book from start to finish.

15.) Get some new ink. Hehe.

Anyone wanna help me knock these offa the list?! : )



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