Time flies when you’re having fun.

Let me just break my silent spell by saying – isn’t that little boy just the cutest thing since baby pandas? Also, HI.

Well… again – I am bad at posting mainly because I always feel like I am writing to myself and that just seems lame. Though – the stats show it. You people read. So, thanks for that. Anyway – I haven’t posted since May… MAY. Like, seriously?! SO much can happen in 5ish months… And let me tell you… I have been busy (sort of). I spent all Summer climbing 14’ers, getting married, winning the lottery and eating gallons of cookie dough without gaining weight hanging out with my family, reading books, spending hours and Barnes & Noble, catching up on all my favorite reality TV, seeing friends, reading my Bible, napping a TON, and also.. just little tid-bits here and there. I turned 20. The big 2-0! Which… some people would be like “Ugh I hate 20, its so lame. You can’t drink. Blah blah blah.” Well – hey.. I’ve enjoyed 20, and though I still have to get those gigantor X’s on my hands at shows, 20 has been good so far. Though – can I just say, I think there should be a law somewhere that states: “If you are under 20 years old, but you have your BACHELOR’S degree, you should be able to forego the X’s.” Am I right? AM I RIGHT?!

Not much about me has changed since the last time I have blogged… I have the same hair color. I have… 2 new pairs of TOMS (love). I… got a new tattoo (for a total of 5)… (see below)… well… see me and my new addition.


What else has been up… Man. I don’t even know. Not much. Love some new bands. Love some new clothes.

Have I mentioned that this if my absolute most favoritest time of year? I LOVE IT. October is always such a good month. Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are on TV. The leaves. Scarecrows. Pumpkins. The smell of fall. Pumpkin bread. I could GO ON. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! YES YES YES!

Whew. Sorry.

I’ll update you on some of my current needs wants/loves. I am currently obsessed with:

  • Anything with pumpkin
  • Infinity scarves
  • Argyle anything (obvi).
  • Geocaching.
  • Cardigans.
  • Fall. Anything fall. Leaves. Trees. Pumpkins. Hay. Etc.
  • Toms.
  • Boots.
  • Music.
  • My iPhone.
  • Painting my nails.
  • Skinny jeans.
  • Justin Bieber. (Don’t hate. He is awesome).

Favorite Shows:

  • New Girl.
  • Guiliana & Bill.
  • Survivor.
  • Modern Family.
  • Dina’s Party (HGTV).
  • Married to Jonas.
  • KUWTK (look up the acronym).
  • The Bachelor.
  • The Bachelorette.
  • The Bachelor Pad. (Ok. So you get my point…)
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Fantasy Factory.

Favorite Movies:

  • Something Borrowed. (IN LOVE.)
  • Katy Perry Movie.
  • Justin Bieber Movie. (Don’t judge me…)
  • The Lucky One.
  • Shooter.

I’m sure there are way more than that, actually I KNOW there are – but for the sake of me looking like an addict to TV and electronics I’ll stop now.

Also – I’m a big fan of Pinterest. It’s amazeballs. Ah-maze. SO addicting. Seriously. I pin all of the time. See – there I go again, I am Kaylee, and I am addicted to electronics. So what. Come on.

I just got off of work so I’m kinda tired and starving. Oh my gosh. I knew I had something to update you on. I got a job at OtterBox. I know what you’re saying.. “What is that?” “Isn’t it OttoBox?” Well my answer is no, it’s OtterBox. And yes, it is the phone cover company. I know. I work there. Cool beans right?! So yeah. Buy an OtterBox if you have an iPhone. iPad. Or… any electronic device you treasure. pleaseandthankyou.

OH. Did you also know – Otters are the cuh-yootest animals ever? And they HOLD HANDS WHILE THEY SLEEP in the water so that they don’t lose eachother? Come. On. If that isn’t one of the cutest things ever.. then I don’t know what is. And for those of you that don’t believe me – proof in the pudding. Right. Meow.

You are welcome.

Alright. I am off. I’ll write more soon. I promise. I always forget how much I love blogging until I do, and I’m like “Why don’t I blog more?” haha.

I’ll leave you with a favorite saying. Enjoy.

Nom. Nom. Nom. Ain’t that the truth. I am so hungry right now.



Grown-Up Graduated Girl.

Once again, it has been awhile, and those last 70-some days from my last post seem to have flown by faster than I thought they would. Oops. But, rest assured, I plan on writing on here a lot more now that I have no papers, homework or exams to study for. So, get excited.

As you’ll notice, I changed the name of the blog since I can no longer have “Confessions of a College Student”… unless I maybe go back for my Master’s degree. But that’s crazy talk at the moment. I also updated the blogs look. Let me know what you think! Now… it’s the Daily Musings of a College Graduate. Because well… I’m graduated! I still can’t believe it!

Moving on – I know my last blog post was a little out there as far as what I want to do in life… (marry Tim Tebow or Ryan Gosling,  write Greeting Cards, etc…), and I hope that someday some of those come true (fingers crossed). But this post is more about what I’ll miss most about college, and what’s to come.

I’ll miss the all-nighters. I’ll miss the excessive amounts of tea and coffee I drank during said all-nighters. I’ll miss the school supply shopping and the first day of class. I’ll miss my great professors, and being able to be a TA for the Research Methods class. I’ll miss my 3 cuh-yoot dorms, and my 2 college roommates. I’ll miss walking in the rain back from class (even though you get drenched). I’ll miss the BINGO nights, and the late-night Del Taco Runs. I’ll miss going to our happy place to release (Target). I’ll miss the 2 snow days we had, where we stayed in all day and watched movies. I’ll miss all the talks and laughs. I’ll miss the Friends marathons and jamming the Cher. I’ll miss playing Yahtzee and Clue and Canasta instead of studying. I’ll probably even miss the dining hall, much to all UNC’s dismay! But most of all, I’ll miss being a student! It’s all I’ve ever known for the last 14 years! All the homework, papers, chapters read, pens used, etc!

And now, it’s all over and I’m on to the next chapter of my life, which includes more praying time, more Bible study time, more blogging, more reading time, more pinning, more time to work, more time outside, more family time, more friend time, and more… ME time! All this new stuff I have to look forward to now that school is over. I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I’m a grown-up graduated girl, now!

In other news… Dad and I rescued a tail-less bird from our window well today. I was a bit peeved because he didn’t seem that grateful for us you know… saving his life. But I digress. {I wonder if this is how doctors or EMT’s feel?!} Haha. He is safe now… just hopping along because he can’t fly. Poor guy. But, as for our good deed of the day, I’d say we accomplished it.

Loves and hugs,


P.S. The first picture is of no relevance to this post. I just think that little piggy is so darn cute! Ah!

When I grow up I wanna…

Well. Say it isn’t so… I have not blogged since September! That feels like a lifetime ago. Seriously. Let’s see what’s happened since September… I got another tattoo (#2 of which matches my mama), for a total of 4! I… have been working a lot. Studying not as much, and sleeping a lot less. But I am absolutely fine with 2 of the 3 of those. 🙂

Anyway… As I am coming closer to the end of my college life (73 days to be exact)… at least of my undergrad life… I am finally being forced to decide 100% what I want to do when I “grow up”. Some people wanna be famous, they wanna be a star, they want to walk on the moon, win a Nobel Prize… Discover a medical cure. Well my friends… let me tell you what I want to do when I grow up. And uhm.. apparently after college comes marriage (who knew)… So I suppose that might be next on the ol’ journey.

Anyway, are you ready? Cause I am. : )

Here are some tentative life goals/career venture ideas I have for growing up, as of 2.22.2012. There are way too many 2’s in todays date, just an fyi.

1a.) Marry a doctor. Yeah. Grey’s Anatomy Style. Heck YES. There is no doubt that he’ll be able to find my pulse. : )

1b.) Marry Tim Tebow. He is my #1 draft pick… for myself. Baha.

1c.) Marry someone that looks like a., b., or c., or d., but loves the Lord like crazy. And loves his mom. And has a good job. Haha! He’s out there… and I’m coming for him… err… them. : )

a.) A motorcycle racer. You’re welcome dad.


b.) He is wearing argyle. Need I say more?!

c.) His love would make me crazy and stupid. Get it?

d.) Colin Egglesfield. Hellooo.

2.) Get my PhD.

3.) Make greeting cards.

4.) Write books. For a living.  On random musings that I hope people would enjoy.

5.) Move to Ireland. And whilst there… fall in love with an Irish man. With the accent. Love that.

6.) Be a person who gets to decide what the Hallmark envelope seal-flavor is. I saw it on some channel one night. It looks like a fun job, and someone’s gotta do it.

7.) Be a mom. Seriously… look at that face.

8.) Become a detective. I have an inner Nancy Drew. Ask anyone.

9.) Be in the Guinness Book of World Records for something awesome.

10.) Own this. Or an exact replica.

No but really… on a more serious note… I do plan on going back and furthering my education so I can do something awesome. But for now?! I just want to graduate. And that is all I can think about. Cap and Gown. I can see it now.

73 days. Seventy-three. If you’ve hit 74 you’ve gone too far. SEVENTY THREE!

Where has the time gone?!

Now it’s time to go play Wii with the roommate.

Loves and hugs.


P.S. Thanks Megan for making me make a blog. Felt good. : )

‘Fall’ing on Leaves.

Fall is here… well… almost. It’s sure felt like it this last week! Andddd… as I was walking to class… leaves were falling off some of the trees. I was happy!

Anyway… this has inspired my Fall Bucket List. And… unlike my Summer Bucket List… I intend on finishing allll of these. Not that there are really that many to finish… 10. I figure thats reasonable.

So. Here they are. =)

  1. Rake up a pile of leaves… then lay in them. =)
  2. Go through a corn maze.
  3. Have s’mores.
  4. Make caramel apples.
  5. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  6. Drink some Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
  7. Carve a pumpkin.
  8. Go on a walk in a park with lots and lots of color changing trees.
  9. Go visit my favorite residents at the nursing home, and push ’em around outside so they can get some fresh air!
  10. Give thanks. Obviously. =)
So there you have it people. Also. I won our pumpkin carving contest last year so… any takers wanna beat this champ?
Loves and hugs.

19 I’ve learned in 19.

Today is my birthday.

[pause for cheering] =)

July 27th… I’m not really sure if anything major went down this day in history… but I do know that it’s also known as ‘National Sleepy Head’ day (cause that’s attractive)!


Nineteen. Pronounced ‘nítján’ in Icelandic, ‘십구’ in Korean, and ‘devyniolika’ in Lithuanian. 19! 10 fingers, and 9 toes old. After 20, I’m going to have to start adding limbs into the mix to physically show how old I am. Haha! So today, since it is my day of birth, I thought I’d make a list of 19 truths I’ve learned thus far… =)

Life Lessons – Version 19.0:

1.) The little things mean EVERYTHING.
Sunrises. Sunsets. Holding doors open for people. Laughing so hard you cry… to name a few.

2.) There will always be haters, but it’s okay to be the source of protein in someone’s haterade.
Don’t let em’ getcha down.

3.) Naps are good.

4.) Watching Titanic before you go on a cruise is just plain stupid.
I did it. It was not smart. And I was worried about the lifeboat to person ratio the whole time. Lame beans.

5.) Being clumsy is a good conversation starter.
I’ve met some good friends whilst falling down stairs and tripping/falling over air. Good times. =)

6.) When you’re buying fresh produce, food, and anything else really… grab it from the back. Its more fresh.
Thanks, mom. =)

7.) Music makes anything better.
Studying. Cooking. Cleaning. Laughing. Crying. Walking. Exercising. Driving. Riding. Sleeping. Eating. Chilling. Working. Anything. Everything.

8.) Respect isn’t given, it’s earned.

9.) Floss.
For realsies. It’s pretty gratifying in a slightly disgusting way. 

10.) Sunscreen. Always.

11.) Cursing is for witches… not for classy girls or men who aren’t sailors. (And even then…)

12.) A smile goes a long way. So does “please” and “thank you”. 

13.) Purity rings are like lasers… fighting off the bad guys.
No really… you can always tell a guys intentions after that conversation. It’s like an automatic sleeze detector. Beep. Beep. Beep….. Beep. =)

14.) Go to church. Often. =)
It’s good for the soul, mind and spirit. Duh.

15.) Sometimes your eyes take the best snapshots.
Like your own personal Nikon. 

16.)  Time heals all wounds.

17.) Drinking alcohol makes you lean… against walls, floors, toilets, and other weird drunk people.
My pops has always said that the first thing that goes is your judgement…  and I’d like to keep my judgement intact, thank you.

18.)  God’s plan is always different (and eventually, I realize – better) than what I’ve planned for myself.
Thank goodness He hasn’t answered every prayer I’ve prayed. Phewwww. I’d be one hot mess if I got everything I naively asked for!

19.) Life is awesome.
Counting my blessings. I have more than I could ever count. ❤

There are a million more, but 19 lessons in one day is enough, right?!

So uh…19?!! Bring it on. =)

Here’s to the best year. yet.


The Day of My Dreams

Well… it’s 1:09 a.m. and I guess one of the only perks to being up this late and having cable is watching the travel channel… and they are showing hot air balloon vacations in scotland. Though that sounds tempting, that’s a little out of my student budget. But, also, as you all know from my Bucket List (click on link), I want to go up an hot air balloon. Bad. Anyway… whilst watching the Travel Channel, I’ve decided that riding in one would be part of my idea of a perfect day. So… with that said. Here’s an hour by hour play by play of what the best day ever would look like for me. Ready?! 🙂

9 a.m. – Wake up, get ready, and get some breakfast… ok.. [pancakes] with whomever accompanies me (preferably a male significant other/boyfriend/husband). 🙂

10 a.m. – Start a mini-road trip to the mountains to prepare for later festivities, and while we’re in the car, play the license plate game.

11 a.m. – Sing Shania Twain for an hour… every road trip needs “Man I Feel Like a Woman”. Come on now. Ok.. maybe not the whole hour.

12 p.m. – Stop somewhere cool to eat a picnic lunch complete with capri sun, lays tater chips and pb & j.

1 p.m. – Go to a park and watch the clouds under a shaded tree… and also read, and take a nice nap absent of bees. : )

2 p.m. – Go on a scenic hike that doesn’t kill Kaylee’s lungs, and does not have bears… (I never want to know what it’s like to be forced into the fetal position… just sayin’.)

3:44 p.m. – Stop at the nearest Starbucks for a hit of caffeine… “Can I get a grande Iced Caramel Macchiato please?!”

4:00 p.m. – Play some card games in the back of Liam (my SUV). Go Fish. War. Texas Hold ‘Em.

5:00 p.m. – Eat dinner. Preferably mexican. Could even be Taco Bell… I’m not picky.

6:00 p.m. – Drive to a place where there are hot air balloons EVERYWHERE. Floating and waiting to be lifted into the air. To which, person I’m with says “Kaylee… take your pick”.

6:44 p.m.: We hop in hot air balloon, as the sun is preparing to set against the mountains, rise into the air, and become amazed by God’s amazing imagination and world.

8:00 p.m.: After feeling exhilarated from said Hot Air Balloon ride… we go for ice cream. Cookie Dough. No exceptions.

9:00 p.m.: As if we aren’t already on a high from the ballooning and the sugar, we have smores around a campfire and talk about life.

10:00 p.m.: Get home, and play a board game like Clue that takes forever… while a good playlist is playing in the background. Also, it was Professor Plum. Revolver. Kitchen.

11:00 p.m.: We get another cup of coffee… and sit next to the fireplace and talk about what a great day we had.

12:00 a.m.: Fall asleep to a premade playlist that includes songs by Bon Iver and Fink.

The End. : )

So maybe this is ideal for now… i wouldn’t mind winning the lottery, and having the perfect flip-flop tan line.. but this sounds pretty good to me!


(All pictures taken from http://www.Google.com)

Oh, the places I (wanna) go.

I’m more of a home body  than the “live out of your suitcase” type… but that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna do some traveling. I mean – actually, I think I would be good at the life of a traveler. After all, I did live in Idaho for a week with just a carry on, and a tote. Boom.

Anyway, this got me thinking of the places that I would in fact like to visit… In no particular order, distance, or travel time.

1.) Seattle, WA. Home of Grey’s, and the very first Starbucks. Hellooo? Duh.

2.) Forks, WA. Namely, this location (2nd picture)… for bragging rights. Twi-hards’ll know what I’m talking about.

3.) Crested Butte, CO. I know, I know, this is here in CO, not exactly “travelling”, but hey.

4.) New York. Hellooo.. Big Apple. Times Square. I do have an I ❤ NY tee… I gotta know why I love it… right?

5.) Los Angeles, CA.

6.) San Francisco, CA. Bay Bridge. Yes, please!

7.) Cape Town, South Africa. Watched this Nat Geo thing on Cape Town. Gorgeous.

8.) Sydney, Australia. Well.. first off Keith Urban… The Bloomin’ Onion. Oh, and yeah the sights too. 😉

9.) Ashford Castle – and all of Ireland as a whole (like Dublin). Though it’s #9, Ireland is really close to the top.

10.) Reykjavik, Iceland. (Also may be in Top 3). This place… breathtaking for me. Did I mention the Northern Lights?!!

11.) Barcelona, Spain.

12.) Edinburgh, Scotland.

13.) London, England. You know… “London Bridge is falling down.. falling down.. falling down..” 🙂

Well… I’m sure there are many more than this… but these are all I can think of for now. I want to go to all of these places, so feel free to add to the “Kaylee Travel Fund”.

I wish I could start travelling now. But, I guess Colorado will do. : )

(All pictures taken from Google.com).